67 Pall Mall Online Whisky Tasting November 21st

67 Pall Mall Online Whisky Tasting November 21st

Join us for a tasting of Firsts.

We don’t often get the chance to taste first release bottles of whisky, well that changes on November 21st with the online tasting of “Firsts” with 67 Pall Mall.

This is a blind online whisky tasting, so the focus will be on taste.

Our online tasting experience is as close to a live event as possible and everything you need to enjoy the tasting is in your pack… And that even includes glasses.

Nose, sup and taste your way through four large-measure drams. Let your palate lead the way and learn how to gauge the style, pick out notes and pull out the flavours from the whiskies.

Just like a live tasting this will be engaging, interactive and enjoyable, with the chance to taste some fantastic Whiskies. Click Here to register or use the details below


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