Beer & Whisky with Natalya and Paul – November 24th

Beer & Whisky with Natalya and Paul – November 24th


Join us for a blind Beer and Whisky tasting.


Beer and Whisky! Worlds apart, right? Well, no.


I always try to give you more at Whisky Drams tastings. Who else gives you award-winning cheese, truffles from a top 10 chocolatier and drams that don’t usually get opened, as well as challenging what you think you know. We’ve been to Marco’s, Members Clubs and Private Rooftop. We plan to continue along that vein: Beer & Whisky will be a presentation of excellent Beer and exceptional Whisky.

A strange combination? Maybe not!… They both have ancient monks to thank for their development in the Western World, and whisky starts its life more or less a barley beer. Yes they then take different paths, but that shared beginning is something worth exploring.

This is not a pairing, it’s a pure exploration into beer and whisky.

Two Hosts: Natalya Watson is a Beer Sommelier and she is EPIC. You’re in for a treat & I’m not just talking about the drinks. Natalya’s knowledge is absolute, and delivered with passion. I am delighted Natalya is co-hosting. I – Paul Flatts – will be the whisky maestro, and will deliver the whisky purely focusing on taste. Remember, the tasting is blind.

The Venue: The Queen’s Head is a charismatic Victorian boozer, with beautiful original tiles. It’s the perfect place to enjoy this tasting. Wait until you see their whisky menu!!!

These guys are passionate, inspired and eclectic with their drink selection – they serve beers & whiskies you might not find anywhere else. Conveniently located – tucked just 5 mins from King’s Cross – 66 Acton Street, London, WC1X 9NB

The Tasting: This is a blind tasting including both whisky and beer.

Why blind? Because the way these drinks interact is truly remarkable. Removing styles and expectations allows us to concentrate on taste. We choose drinks we like based on taste, right? So, let’s see who knows their beer and whisky from whiskey.

Remove all thoughts about driving! This is an 8 drink tasting including 4 beers and 4 drams. If you know me, this might become more 😉

£55 per person. Book your seats now.

Start: Arrive between 5.30pm to 6pm for a 6.15pm start.

£55 per person CLICK HERE to book.


“What an amazing night Around The World With Whisky was, the whole group absolutely loved it. Paul our host was fun, really informative and wonderful to have for the 2 hours. A really top class whisky session which converted a few people to whisky now! I absolutely recommend Whisky Drams to anyone thinking of a fun, interactive and informative night!” CEO and Founder, Law365