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Thursday May 26th at The Black Book


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Discover the wonder of Whisky

Discover the wonder of whisky with Whisky Drams


Discovering whisky or whiskey is a road well worth travelling. The magnitude of choice means this school of education gives a fantastic journey no matter where you start, regions you travel to, or the cask you end with.

Like all great discoveries it is better shared and enjoyed in the pleasure of good company.


Another great evening with great whiskies and interesting chocolates. A very pleasant indeed and good company. I was again impressed by you knowledge and the enjoyable way you impart it.

I look forward to the next one and so do my guest who had a good new experience with whisky.

Managing Director Drapemasters

Great event , choice of whiskey, venue and food top draw – well done. Thoughts on a St Georges night?

Regional Development Director- London & East Anglia Togethermoney

A fantastic concept and fantastic evening. The venue, food and whisky perfect. The whole evening blended with your expert knowledge made it an excellent evening.

Can’t wait for the chocolate event pre book me for 2 places

Managing Director, BCM London

I really enjoyed the Supper Club dinner with Whisky Drams. It was a really informative and interesting evening with excellent company. Paul clearly has a fantastic grasp about a host of different whiskies and their specialities and imparted his knowledge in a humorous and entertaining way. I would recommend one of these evenings to both whisky and non-whisky drinkers like me!

Director Lewis Link Limited

If it is at all appropriate for a guy from Liverpool to comment upon the proprieties of a Burn’s Night, I will say that Paul’s’ enthusiasm was the perfect foil to often serious and semi-religious events at the invitation of Scottish friends. The subtlety shown in guiding us to investigate (sipping) great whiskies of the world, whilst avoiding any reference to the existence of all things English, was highly appropriate and innovative. A great venue and an excellent chef gave Paul the chance to teach us to connect the flavours of the food with the whiskies, whilst guiding the Philistines amongst us, so that we didn’t anaesthetise our taste buds along the way.

“Burns Night with a twist” – also a great way to “Make January wet again”


I learned so much and had a great time. Thank you for bringing so much knowledge with you and opening our eyes to some fantastic whiskies. Really, last night was Awesome!! I look forward to coming back.

Managing Director, Fantastic British Food Festivals

The first time I met Paul, and he told me what he did. I proceeded to tell him about how many years ago I visited the Oban Distillery in Scotland and tried to convince myself to like Whisky and couldn’t. I also explained to Paul how I just didn’t get how people could taste all of these different flavours in the whisky, to me it just all smelt and tasted the same, awful!.

Paul then proceeded to show me how to taste it correctly by ‘nosing’ the whisky, honestly I thought he was nuts but I went along with it, it sounds a bit cliche but it was unbelievable, suddenly I could actually smell the different flavours and no longer got the burning sensation when drinking it. Since then I’ve been to one of the Whisky Drams evenings where the Whisky is matched with the food, Paul’s knowledge and talent is second to none, I can’t wait to have him do an evening in one of our developments.

CEO, Lucrum Asset Management

What a great evening at the Alternative Burns Night whisky tasting with Whisky Drams in the Punchbowl Mayfair, we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening which was both fun and informative , with superb whiskies and food. A good mix of people,  I’m sure with some there maybe business opportunities possible in the future. Paul did a stirling job as MC and whisky expert. I’ll certainly go again.

CEO, Servowatch

Paul you clearly went to a great deal of trouble to choose the setting, ambience, food, and indeed the stellar and varied whiskies.  It was a most convivial, different, informative and pleasingly slightly “off the wall” evening and a total distraction from normality – so thank you – and some fun people to share the evening with. Thanks

Managing Partner, Charles Douglas Solicitors LLP

Many thanks for such a great evening! Really enjoyed it. You are a super expert and raconteur.

Managing Director, MJ Hudson Fund Management Solutions

Not all whisky tastings are created equal. The best compliment I can give Paul of Whisky Drams is that his events feel like I am hosting a tasting in my own home.

You will always get a tasting with something familiar, but not the same; something that will divide the room in opinion; and ALWAYS something you love that you would never have discovered on your own.

I also recommend his tastings with food as they are superb and a convivial atmosphere is par for the course.

 Highly recommended for individuals or business owners wishing to entertain.

Director, Redfearn de Raney

The best thing since Glen Dronach 18. I have been to a number of Whisky Dram tastings and each one has been a fantastic experience. The opportunity to try and be educated on whisky that you would very rarely have the chance to drink is a real pleasure. Paul’s knowledge and personality allows the event to work for both new and seasoned whisky drinkers alike.

There was an excellent range of rare whiskies to try and the way in which the hand-made chocolate changed and reacted with each whisky was fascinating.

Business Development Manager, Anderson Wilde Harris


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